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Where Creativity meets Precision

We have a fundamental knowledge of physics, mechanics, mechatronics and precision engineering to meet the new extremes of tomorrow. 

Precision Engineering

We excel in applying precision engineering design principles, ensuring control over degrees of freedom, mitigating hysteresis and micro slip, and incorporating elastic elements, all aimed at achieving sub-micrometer accuracy and repeatability.


We understand how different components and subsystems interact and influence each other in a complex system. We analyze, design, optimize, and troubleshoot systems that involve mechanical, electrical, and software elements.

System Architecting

Creating multi-disciplinary systems necessitates the expertise of system architecture. With over a decade of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Simulation & FEM

Utilizing advanced software tools, we can simulate performance during the design phase, thereby minimizing the need for extensive design iterations and ultimately reducing the overall development cost.

Vacuum Technology

We understand the fundamental principles of vacuum technology and the design principles necessary to attain ultra-clean vacuum conditions.

Thermal Design & Analysis

Thermal effects impact the performance (accuracy, drift and lifetime) of precision machines and systems. We can model the thermal behavior and improve the design.

Air Bearings

Air bearings are used for frictionless motion to achieve sub-micron position accuracy and repeatability. We can model and design both porous and aerostatic bearings.

Piezo technology

The piezoelectric effect is used for precise positioning and compensation at nanometer level. We can design piezo actuators, stick-slip motors and ultrasonic piezo motors.

Cryogenic engineering

Cryogenic temperatures are more commonly used in different research areas and for the development of new materials. We know how to design for cryogenic temperatures.

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